Why Online Backup?

·         Losing access to critical business data would be disastrous or deeply impact your productivity temporarily, and can be fatal if lost completely.

·         Distrusting the current backup system. Tape fails, external and thumb drives can be unreliable, making it hard to know exactly what is backed up, and/or whether it has been corrupted.

·         A fail-safe to tape and disk system for Disaster Recovery.

·         Natural disaster, fire and theft.

·         Implementing a backup system for the first time.

·         It takes a long time to do traditional backups.

·         Remembering to do the back ups.

·         Uncertainty as to when the backups are happening.

What we Supply

24 X 7 availability
- continuous data protection and access to any file backed up.
Unlimited Versions – Key for Archiving and Compliance.

Keeps all versions of your files, regardless of file type or creation date. This applies to all files, even bare metal images.
Files are available beyond typical 7-30- 90 day windows.
Time Machine Feature – search for a file on a specific historical date.

           Security - all backups performed using 3 layers of encryption at DOD levels, and saved to multiple data centers - biometrically secured with 24/7 watch.
Military-Grade Security - Three-tiered encryption.
Data on the user’s computer or server is encrypted at 256bit AES.       
In transit, data is encrypted at 128bit SSL.       
At rest, in storage, data is encrypted at 1024bit AES.
The highest level in Disaster Recovery and Redundancy.     
Best Practice of Redundant Backup is ensured.

Monitoring Backups This is done by a TAT specialist. TAT will monitor/confirm all daily report(s) of your backup(s) with a 24 hour On Call File Recovery.
TAT Online Backup
is backed by a global company with offices in the USA, Asia and Europe, with eight years experience in online & off-site backup. They are one of the founding companies of the online backup industry, and is the technology leader in the consumer and SMB space, having been named PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice since 2006.

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